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Becoming Limitless Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-25)

Procrastination is usually considered to be a dirty word. If Becoming Limitless it wasn't so long we'd have to consider it a p**n four-letter word! So why do we procrastinate? To answer that let's go a little deeper and ask why is procrastination a part of human behaviour?For procrastination to be a part of our portfolio of behaviours it must have some value to us. There must be some situations in which procrastination is an appropriate, protective or even positive response. Can you think of any?What situations do you find yourself in that stopping to think about something and then never going back to it saved you from making a big mistake? Buying a car you couldn't afford? Taking a job offer when the company was about to relocate to Siberia? Signing a deal with a company that was about to go bust?If you think back to that time was there something that made you feel uneasy about the situation. Think about it for a while. How did you feel about the situation? What was your gut telling you? Can you put your finger on it?In this setting, what may have seemed like procrastination at the time turned out to be good instincts.So procrastination is not always a bad thing. In the right context it can be a positive behaviour. So stop beating yourself up about being a procrastinator. Instead start recognising when you are procrastinating and consider it as a sign. What is your gut telling you about the situation you are in? What is it that you are procrastinating about? Why don't you want to move forward? How do you feel?