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Floraspring review

by Emily Jacob (2018-12-17)

Eat only those foods Floraspring that have a high satiety value. These edibles keep you from overeating and stay longer in the stomach, unlike liquids and snacks. The best example of such foods is chickpeas. Eating one bowl of boiled seasoned chickpeas keeps stomach filled for several hours. High protein diet also suppresses appetite. Try including at least one serving in every meal. Pulses are low in calories, and make you feel satiated for longer. Nuts are satisfying but fattening too. So, avoid these foods. Drink two to three liters of fresh water daily. Taking two glasses of water before having meal, also makes you eat less than normal. This is because it fills space in the stomach.

Eating manner - Chew each morsel well before ingesting it. It produces more bulk and gives a feeling of satiety. Avoid munching snacks while watching TV, as it will make you eat more. When food is put into mouth, keep fork and spoon back on the table or in the plate. When you have finished one bite, take more.