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No BS Manifesting Course Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-20)

Some disguised mental habits keep our No BS Manifesting Course feelings under check. Day dreaming blaming others finding fault on something etc. are such habits. When we feel bad about something we blame others or even ourselves. When we fail to get something done we develop anger. When we day dream we put disguised control over our helplessness and hopelessness. We slot everything into categories with a dualistic approach as good and bad mind and body etc. Where reason and feeling fall apart and that denies us a non judgmental unfettered feedback. As well when we depersonalize facts with data and abstraction we ignore the emotive element needed for persuasiveness. These are all mental mischief. Emotional awareness is an extra sense a sixth sense. Emotion is a physical experience which requires a fit body to express itself. Emotions are played by the whole body and not by the heart as many believe. We live in a world of rnyths about emotions. We believe emotions are inferior and primitive than thoughts and if we stifle feelings we can control ourselves easily. Some emotions are bad whereas some are good we believe. Thus goes our myths. Physical Exercise Plays a Role Physical exercise is critical for building emotional health. When you exercise in the morning it wipes the slate clean and gets you off to a good start every day. A walk or dance can unlock the emotions hidden in you. Exercise stimulates production of endorphins the body mood elevators which leave you joyous. Practicing diverse exercise such as aerobic stretching and muscle strengthening ones can give wholes improvement. Exercise and deep breath are inter connected. Exercise forces you to breathe deeply and that in turn builds up circulation and gives you better consciousness about your body. Breathing deep can bring you more awareness on visceral sensations. When you are emotionally torn by demands take a look at your emotions and allow some time to turn up something dominant so that you can deal with it far easier than otherwise. Living in the present moment rather than in the past or future will help you make every day precious and pleasant. Physical well being plays a critical role in emotional health and brings sensitivity to life. It is closely associated with rest sleep and food. If we eat food for dietary needs rather than as a recreation it gives you a good framework for emotional health. Sleep deficiency disturbs emotional quality. Proper rest can do a lot in stabilizing emotions.