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Blood Sugar Premier Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-19)

Your journal could be used to set goals for Blood Sugar Premier the following week. Have an idea of how much exercise you want to do or how far you want to run, for example. By writing down your goals, you'll be able to look back and see if you are achieving them. It will also give you the motivation to forge ahead even when you don't feel like exercising.It's also critical to write down all the foods you are consuming throughout the day. Even if you think it's something that isn't going to add too many calories that will affect your weight, make sure to write it down. Don't forget to write down your fluid intake also. This is especially true if you are having coffee or a sugary soft drink. Write it down!Finally, it's important to weigh yourself regularly so you can see how you are progressing on your weight loss journey. You will look back and get the motivation you need to keep on going. In fact, some people even keep their before weight loss photos in their weight loss journal to help to keep them motivated.Don't forget to mark your blood sugar levels down in your journal along with when you take your medication... it will be interesting for you to see how your blood sugar rises and falls following eating and exercise. If you inject insulin, avoid strenuous physical activity at the peak of the insulin's action. It is usually recommended you take your insulin about 1 hour before starting activity. If you experience a bout of hypoglycemia and take glucose tablets or other fast-acting carbs such as fruit juice or hard candy, include these in your journal also.