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Advanced CardioRX Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-19)

Difficult to define, calibrate and measure, stress Advanced CardioRX is a term used to describe the wear and tear the body experiences in reaction to everyday demands and worries. Change such as a house move; marriage; divorce or separation; illness; injury; or career and lifestyle changes, are common causes of stress. However, it is the effects of stress,such as anxiety, feelings of pressure and tension, that we feel in response to everyday petty challenges such as rush hour traffic, waiting in line, and too many emails, that appear do the most damage.Stress is the body and mind's response to any pressure that disrupts its normal equilibrium and occurs when our perception of events doesn't meet our expectations and we are unable to control our reaction. Stress expresses itself in the form of resistance, tension, frustration and strain, throwing off our physiological and emotional equilibrium. Prolonged or too frequent periods of stress are likely to be debilitating and health problems may well follow.It has been mentioned above that calibration and measurement of stress is a difficult task and the consequences of stress are frequently missed or misunderstood. We look at outside events as the source of stress but the fact is that stress is really caused by our emotional reactions to events and the way we deal with them. The stress we experience in today's world often goes unnoticed and unmanaged and many people simply adapt to stress in an unhealthy way, resigned to thinking it's "just the way it is". Unfortunately, lack of stress management has created a pandemic of low-grade anxiety and depression.