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Pain Absolve RX Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-16)

A Danish study in 2009 from the Journal Pain Absolve RX of Strength & Conditioning Research proved that the sport of soccer actually strengthens the core and muscles in the low back. In certain instances handling back pain while playing a sport is done with the team trainer or a team doctor. After an auto accident this may pose a problem because of ongoing litigation or the specifics of an accident case. If the player is an amateur and does not have the direct access to medical staff like a professional team player he or she may have more trouble getting the proper treatment and most of the time has to stop participating in the sport altogether. This can be very annoying and frustrating as the victim of an accident because they are no longer able to participate and enjoy something they enjoyed doing before being hurt.Outside of treating the patient and helping them to recover from the injuries, it is very important that the doctor they are treated by is documenting their loss of enjoyment factors accurately. The doctor's notes are what the attorney representing the patient uses to help settle their case and if the doctor does not include the small details of information about how the patients life has been affected from the accident then it could be detrimental.One of the things we get asked all the time is, "What makes NeuropathyDR different?"This is a really good question. For anybody who suffers (or loves someone who does) from peripheral neuropathy or another form of chronic pain, it can be very frustrating to sort through all the details.The good news is that the reasoning behind how we are able to provide neuropathy treatment is quite simple.My background is in health care and nutrition. So, when I first began intensely treating neuropathy patients in 2008, I knew that improving their underlying health-especially how nerve cells process energy-had to help improve many patients' peripheral neuropathy and other forms of nerve damage or chronic pain.