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Uncompromised Life Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-12)

Leadership has many nuances including Uncompromised Life having vision, being a strong communicator and deserving the trust of your team. A coach works to enhance your performance. David has provided more than 5,000 hours of leadership coaching since 2003. Nobody will disagree that the only permanent thing in this complicated world we live in today is this thing called change. All the other things are made temporary in its existence because of change. Ironically, change is exclusively classified as permanent, a word that has the exact opposite meaning of change. Undeniably, change is a permanent happening in everybody's lives. Nobody can stay away from it nor resist it. Whether we like it or not, changes take place everywhere under the sun every second, every minute, every hour, every day. And, the rate of its occurrence is so fast and swift and without warning, that we are sometimes, if not most of the times, caught flat-footed and unprepared to deal with it at the onset or at the aftermath of it. Basically, change may be classified into two things, the first kind being those of natural origin. This type cannot be prevented by mere human intervention. But, everybody is capable of dealing with the effects of it by his ability to adjust to new environments and situations. Changes of this nature are destined to happen for many purposes, some of which are beyond human comprehension. These changes cause humanity positive as well as negative effects. The second classification consists of what we call man-made changes, the primary purpose of which is to cause favorable effects on its proponents. This type of change is different from the first in that its occurrence may be anticipated and one may be able to prepare for its effects depending on his ability and capability to respond promptly to the situation. Changes of this nature are effected by man in his never-ending desire to develop and improve his environment and habitat. It may also cause positive as well as negative effects.