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Zen12 System Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-10)

The right mindset refers to having a success Zen12 System consciousness. If you consider those who are successful in your field, what is the one thing they have in common? A deliberate success consciousness that allows them to be at the top of their field. They believe in themselves and their vision for success.Developing a success consciousness involves overcoming failures and setbacks while holding firm to a commanding vision for success. It must take place within you first to be realised externally.Your lack of success may have it origins in the limiting beliefs you hold because you think success will change your life.However, the limiting beliefs get in the way of awakening your greatest potential and must be examined to ascertain whether there's any truth to them.The critical lesson life has taught me during my many years is that whether a door is open or closed is not the issue, but how I react to or handle whichever life gives me. Both are in our life to teach us. What? Read on.What are some of the potential reactions or responses we can take or have to either open and closed doors? But before I dig just a bit deeper a thought - have you ever considered that just because an open door opens in front of you that you don't have to go through it?We've all heard the line "when one door closes another one opens". What this line fails to include is - just because it opens doesn't mean it's a good decision or move to go through it. Ever gone through an open door and in hindsight wish you hadn't.Ever not gone through an open door and in hindsight wish you had? Well, welcome to Life 101.OK, a bit more about closed doors - When a door closes in our life whether a personal, career or business one - there are usually lessons to be learned, signals to pay attention to that we have missed for any number of reasons or changes that need to be made in our life, career or relationships that we have avoided, procrastinated about or just stayed in denial. Doors can close for many reasons; poor timing, skill inadequacy, immaturity, denial, ego, pain avoidance, personal shortcomings, avoidance techniques, insecurity, emotional reasons or even things like guilt, regret, remorse and what I refer to as "stuckness".