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Combat Shooter System Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-06)

If you live in an area that gets hot, Combat Shooter System then a hydration pack is a good choice. These are backpacks that have a collapsible water bottle inside them and a tube with a bite valve that allows for easy access to the water. This design also makes it easy to carry a large amount of water while retaining the backpack look, feel, and convenience. The compartments of hydration packs vary in size from only small mesh pockets to those that are large enough to carry all the gear you need for several days. CamelBak Products, LLC makes a good variety of these hydration packs. If you don't need the hydration pack, but are able to carry more items than the small bags allow, then a standard two-strap daypack will work well. These versatile packs come in a good variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. They also blend well into an urban environment because they don't look like a tactical or a survival backpack...they look more like a pack carried by a school-kid. Many come with padded compartments to accommodate a laptop and have zippered compartments to quickly stow and access your gear. Some people just can't live without there electronic gadgets and should consider purchasing a Solar Backpack. These backpacks have solar panels on the back that allow you to charge your cellphone, GPS Unit, and other small devices. Some also come with a USB battery so that you can charge your devices when the sun goes down. For the serious bug out bag, a backpack with an internal frame is a great choice. These larger backpacks often come with wide padded straps,back pads, and harnesses to help ease the pressure of carrying heavy, bulky loads. This style also makes it easier to strap down larger items such as tents and pads. Final Thoughts: Use common sense. If you live in an area that experiences floods or you might bug out by boat, then get a waterproof backpack. These are water tight and can float. Also, don't make your bug out bag bigger than you can comfortably carry. You want it to be as light as possible without skimping on important bug out gear. After all, the best backpack to bug out with is the one that you can comfortably carry. Decades ago,when I was a young man in the Army infantry, I sometimes marched 25-30 miles a day with a heavy (65 lb) rucksack attached to my back. Sometimes we had to march through sticky, muddy fields and ended up with around 10 lbs of mud attached to each leg. Those are not fond memories.