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Meridian Health Protocol Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-05)

Hot Lunches in a Thermos - Pack hot Meridian Health Protocol lunches that can be made in quickly in a thermos so that they remain hot till lunch break. You can pack rice or brown rice in the thermos and top it with baked beans in sauce, chili, thick meaty soups, pasta sauces etc. Homemade McDonald's Meals - Kids love anything that comes out of a McDonald's box. Give them the same dose of fun by packing homemade burgers, pizzas and hot dogs for lunch. Buy segmented lunch boxes like Bento boxes and separately pack the ingredients which can later be assembled together by your child to eat. Stuff patties with finely chopped or boiled vegetables and use whole grain bread to make these fast foods more nutritious. The next time you snack on a trail mix, take a careful look at the dried fruits included. There are raisins, bananas, maybe some kinds of berries, but dehydrated strawberries are missing. It is hard to explain this phenomenon because when you think about it, cowboys traveling along the American trails in the west or anywhere else must have come across some strawberries. But then why is it that dehydrated strawberries always seem to be forgotten when it is time to put in the dried fruits in the trail mix? One answer to this might be that cowboys, who are supposedly very manly and tough, do not want to be seen munching on strawberries, as these fruits are deemed to be more suited to ladies and young, rosy-cheeked children. Eating dehydrated strawberries might reduce their masculinity in the opinion of their peers, and cause serious damage to their tough demeanor. Thus, dehydrated strawberries have been excluded from the trail mix, to protect the manly reputation of these cowboys.