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No BS Manifesting Course Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-04)

While watching a DVD with my grandchildren No BS Manifesting Course called A Secret of the Magic Gourd, there seemed to be a hidden message. The boy involved was reluctant to do anything yet he wanted everything. He wouldn't clean his room, study for school, or try doing anything himself. He expected everything to be done for him and didn't understand or care why things weren't the way he wanted them. Then he found the Magic Gourd; it was the answer to all his problems. The gourd would do everything "exactly" as he would say, no matter what it was. The gourd was to serve the boy as his master. And he did so, though it wasn't always done the way the boy wanted. The gourd made him the best in school, on the swim team, and the friend everyone wanted. But on the last test of the year the gourd was to get the boy the highest grade in the class. To do so the gourd magically filled in the answers from another student's paper to his, including their name. The boy had cheated and everyone knew it. The boy told the gourd to go away and never come back. Everything he had been given was exposed. At the swimming competition, which his team won, he was sure the gourd had made him swim the fastest. But later he found out that the gourd hadn't helped him. He was thrilled and excited at his own accomplishment. That's when the gourd says; winning on your own gives more satisfaction. As I said, this brought to mind how so many people want so much yet never want to attempt to do it themselves. They wish, hope and begrudge others of what they have and accomplish but never "do" anything. They feel there is some great mystery or magical formula to success and spend all their time searching for it instead of working at it. There is a secret to success but it's not found in the places people always look. It isn't in the self help books and seminars that can be bought. Nor in the lives of others who have been successful.