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The Carnivore's Bible Review

by Emily Jacob (2018-12-13)

A lot of people The Carnivore's Bible do not fully understand the positioning of the solar system's ecliptic together with the Galaxy's equator. This is actually because the phenomenon known as "the precession" is explained as the moving of background stars because of the "wobble" of planet Earth. Actually, it is not simply the earth that wobbles but the whole solar system that wobbles.

Numerous web sites attempt to debunk the alignment by claiming that it is simply the Earth that is going to be aligned with the Galactic center and equator. These people fail to acknowledge recent discoveries that show that all of the planets move with Earth as well as the Sun against the background stars -- together with just one star: Sirius. Several astronomers suggest that Sirius might, as a result, be part of our solar system.