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Piperinox Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-30)

We take no responsibility Piperinox for misuse or extreme wear of any garment we sell, and we encourage you to submit correct and complete measurements at the time of purchase. All corsets must be "broken in" slowly, over time, in order to fit your particular figure. We are here to answer any questions prior to purchase. Please consult a doctor or medical professional before attempting any tight-lacing or waist training program, or before using any of our garments as a medical device or for back support. Repetition of acts is how habits are formed. Eating is a habit that we form. If we eat snacks in front of the TV it becomes an unconscious habit and all other eating habits are formed in the same way. Some of the common habits we have are: eating when reading, eating when you come from outside or eating whilst cooking. Certain moods of ours also make us eat even when we are not hungry. These moods can be that of: anger, boredom, exhaustion, happiness, solitude, when house work is finally over for the day, nervousness, any problem or anxiety and many other situations that may trigger off the desire or need to eat. All these habits are hard to break. So what we really need to do is to break these habits and replace them with new ones, ones that will do us good. Everyday is a new day and so everyday we must make new commitments and work upon these repeatedly till they form into habits. Work on these irrespective of the desire to do so or not. Change is not easy but practice makes perfect so every time you resist something you succeed. Once you are firm with yourself you will succeed everyday.