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Backyard Revolution Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-28)

G.H.I has already received a Backyard Revolution boatload of press coverage, and has gained investment and support from celebrities like Chargers Hall of Fame Running Back Chuck Muncie, Heidi & Spencer Pratt, and even Shaquille -Don't Call Me Diesel - O'Neal. They recently partnered with the city of Las Vegas, and are already integrating their revolutionary systems with the existing infrastructure. More notably, they recently partnered with local brewery, Karl Strauss. The brewery plans to lease the fuel systems from G.H.I and refine their alcohol waste into re-usable energy, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. The technique that GHI uses is by no means new, but they are making it accessible and efficient. The micro-consumer can purchase a complete, functioning system for their home, with little to no set-up. The current cost for their micro-fueling system is $10,000 and $2.00 per gallon for use, but GHI claims that government energy rebate programs can get you back up to half of your original investment. Additionally, they state that the more the fuel system is integrated into society; their access to organic waste will become more efficient and affordable, bringing down the cost per gallon. Readers, I'm putting cost aside on this one. GHI seems to be doing everything right, not just for business, but also for the planet, and that doesn't have a price tag. So what kind of 'simple' organic waste can be used in GHI's fuel systems? Anything from alcohol to grass clippings - or compost to candy - it can all be used to extract ethanol fuel. The product that is created by their fuel systems is already adapted to the modern infrastructure for fuel, and can be put directly into any vehicle or gas-guzzling accessory as is! Not only is it already adapted for use; the emissions from GHI's fuel are 85% less than conventional gasoline. How much more efficient can it get? How about this - the bi products of refining the fuel are distilled water and nutrient rich mulch - that's it, that's all.