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Fibo Quantum Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-27)

Risk Appetite Growing Vassili Fibo Quantum Serebriakov, currency strategist at Wells Fargo Bank said in a note to clients, "Extensive infrastructure investment proposals reiterated over the weekend by the U.S President-elect Obama, the largest in 50 years, have spurred risk appetite in the equity markets and the dollar and yen are sliding. Some of the optimism is also sourced to the fact that the US auto industry appears likely to avoid bankruptcy - at least for now.The easing of risk aversion will mean increased Forex opportunities and may stimulate Forex trading. Auto Bailout and Obama's Infrastructure Package Affecting Markets Hopes for the Automaker's bailout gained ground after Friday's dismal employment figures encouraged congress to take action to shield the economy from the credit crunch and a global recession. Marc Chandler, global head of currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman stated, "President-elect Obama's plans to introduce the largest infrastructure package since the 1950's and progress on an auto sector rescue package have captured the market's imagination and is weighing on the dollar." Risk Appetite Provides Forex Opportunity Despite the Dollars drop most analysts do not expect the dollar to lose significant ground because investors still remain concerned about the possibility of a deep global recession. In the meantime any easing of risk aversion is bound to create Forex opportunity for investors who have done their homework.