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FAP Turbo - Four Reasons to Try FAP Turbo

by Ellen Thomas (2019-03-26)

Concerning Crypto Coin Sniper the modifications I've personally made to the Darvas method. I just use some of the modern Darvas methods for professional trading which is shortening, looking for a six month high and adding in my own money management. That's all I've done, just based a lot of it on Van Tharp.The next question is: I'd like to know your thoughts on this. What is the best trading method to be a full-time trader that earns a living - intra day trading, swing trading or position trading? Stuart: It all comes back to the individual. A lot of people aren't suited to short term intra day day trading because they just don't have the tolerance to risk and the temperament to ride out volatility and things that move quickly. So far as the potential for return, it all comes back to the risk. The greater risk you take on in the instrument you are using in professional trading, the greater potential for profit.So far as a full-time approach, I'm not going to be one that sits at the screen and sits at my desk for six hours and watches the numbers. I know a few people who trade the foreign exchange and do it for a living. They'll watch for a few hours, but beyond that, that is their day done. For those trading more medium term which is certainly possible, you can still do that with leverage, whether it be options or CFDs and the like.The idea of full-time implies you're deriving all your income from it, but it doesn't take full time. For medium term trading, you may commit an hour a day, and after that your work is done.To put yourself in a position to be able to do that does take time. It's not as if you have never traded before and stop work on Friday and then start trading full-time on Monday. But when you have put in the time to do that, professional trading almost becomes effortless because you do follow systems you put in place and follow a routine.