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Lottery Smasher Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-26)

The Course You may be familiar Lottery Smasher with the phrase "horses for courses". There is certainly more than a grain of truth in that. Horses do tend to perform well and win on certain types of courses or even specific courses. Some prefer flat, galloping tracks, some prefer galloping right-handed, some left-handed. Some prefer a "stiff" course perhaps running uphill as a test of stamina. If you see a C or CD by the horse's name in the race card it signifies that the horse has won at the course (C) or over course and distance (CD). So there we have taken a brief look at six important factors for you to consider when selecting a horse to back. Just a small bet on each race can add to the fun and excitement though as mentioned previously please, please do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose. I am asked all the time "How Much should I bet on this Game?" or Total for that matter. My clients were so used to betting 2 and 3 Units on my Basketball Totals last year they are now questioning me about why are the Unit ratings so low right now, and the answer is really quite simple. It just comes down to money management. An often used term along with discipline that is always heard but very seldom adhered to. Without it though your winning streaks that feel so good when they happen will all be for naught if you don't keep yourself disciplined in money management. How often have you decided to double your Units the next week off a winning streak when at most you should keep them the same. Now there is a difference between flat betting an increasing your Unit ratings. I have no problem with, in fact I find it a necessity to bet sides or Totals that you like more for more money. That's exactly what you should do. What I don't want to see people do is let's say your average bet is $100 so let's make your Units = 1 /$100. So coming off a nice week you decide to change your Units to $200. Biggest mistake you can make, because lets say after you're winning week you were up +3 Units for the week. A very respectable profit for the week by the way. Now let's say the next week things don't go exactly as planned and you drop 2 Units for the week.