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American Super Collagen Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-25)

Critics to this line of thought would American Super Collagen shrug these facts off and say that a little fast food once in a while can't really be termed "anti healthy-eating" but the fact of the matter is that consuming fast foods soon becomes a habit and before you know it you will be having junk foods, fast foods and canned foods three times a day - this is certainly anti healthy eating. These un-healthy eating habits can be very hard to break and this bad habit is worsened when only a limited amount of fruits are consumed. A nutrition plan would consist of eating many fruits as these fruits contain antioxidants which assist the body in fighting off illnesses and diseases. As a society we are hooked on un-healthy eating patterns. Avoid sugar at all costs if you wish to pursue the objective of healthy eating. When out shopping for groceries, read the labels and buy products made by companies that realize the importance of healthy eating. It has been common knowledge for quite a while that tobacco smoke depletes blood serum levels of vitamin C in people who smoke. A recent investigative health study funded by the 'National Institutes of Health', and carried out by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, have clearly shown that supplementing with vitamin C works at reversing vitamin E depletion and disappearance in people who smoke.