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Eyesight Correction - Different Ways to Improve Your Vision

by Ellen Thomas (2019-03-22)

Whatever the Lutazene cause, consider using artificial tears instead of regular over-the-counter eye drops to help relieve the inflammation and persistent itch. Unlike over-the-counter drops, artificial tears were specifically designed to treat all dry eye symptoms. This solution was designed to soothe the irritation in your eyes, get rid of the redness, and also relieve the inflammation.Some artificial tear products come in bottles made with single dosages in mind. Others can arrive in bottles that require numerous applications throughout a given time period. It just depends on the type of artificial tear product you select. Artificial tears are a focal point in treating a wide variety of eye issues. Many people have difficulty, however, in assessing which is the best product to use for their particular situation. Please look over my free e-guide, Dry Eye Relief Doesn't Come in a Bottle, to help you learn more about which product might be best for you and your specific eye situation. This informative e-guide can help direct you toward the best artificial tear product available for you, without the overwhelming task of sorting through all the advertisements and claims on your own.As with any medical condition, remember to always consult a physician before pursuing any form of treatment. Although this free guide is full of reliable and valuable information, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Thyroid-associated orbitopathy (TAO), also known as thyroid eye disease (or Graves' eye disease) is the most common specific inflammatory condition affecting the orbit (eye socket) and periorbital tissues. The management of TAO involves both surgical and medical components.TAO is associated with Graves' thyroid disease, and can present at any time in the course of the disease, whether the patient is in a euthyroid (normal thyroid), hypothyroid (underactive), or hyperthyroid (overactive) state.The cause of TAO is unknown. In theory, the immune system promotes inflammation directed at the structures around the eye. Extraocular muscles (muscles that move the eye) are the primary site of inflammation. Orbital fat and eyelid muscles are also commonly involved.