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How To Write A Book Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-22)

In fact, if you Google "10 things How To Write A Book that require zero talent," you're going to find countless images and motivation to help you become aware of your own success. My favorite one is the following. It's been attributed to a few people, so I can't give credit, but I've been inspired by it and believe in the truth of this motivational list: I want to highlight my personal favorite: attitude. In my view, if you don't have the right attitude, you can't do anything else well and consistently. It all begins and ends right with that word. It all begins and ends with that mindset. When people ask me about my success, I think that's probably the most important word. It's the one word that immediately comes to mind. If you don't feel like a winner, you're not. The simple fact is you can't possibly win if you think you're going to lose. If you think you can't do anything, you won't. If you feel helpless or like a victim, as opposed to a strong survivor and champion, you're beaten before you've even started. Your attitude determines everything. It dictates how far you're going to get and how you'll deal with challenges that come up along the way. No one says life is easy. In fact, life owes you absolutely nothing. If you're feeling entitled to anything right about now, stop it. Life is a wise teacher and she's even taught kings and queens throughout history that they can lose everything. I'll add that no one owes you anything. Not only is life a game of chance which can deal a great hand or a bad card, but no one has to come to the rescue if and when does.