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Repairing a Split Earlobe and Other Earlobe Holes

by Ellen Thomas (2019-03-21)

As digital technology Ring Ease continues to improve, new models are introduced that include many upgraded features. For example, medical hearings specialists are able to custom program your hearing aid to match your lifestyle. This enhanced custom features allows you to experience the most out of life by always hearing with quality sound. Many models also give you the option to plug your listening device directly into the audio outputs which also gives you a better sound quality in your ear. So whether you are retired or about retire remember that you have options available to you so that you never miss another beat. One of the worst is missing hearing your children and grand children talking to you, let alone the embarrassment that it brings to you. A digital hearing aid will help you re-establish your identity and confidence.There are no guarantees in life that say that you will have perfect health. For many, the aging process is painful as body parts become weaker and bodily systems begin to function less. One of the most commonly affected areas from the aging process is the loss in your hearing. Experts now consider 25% of the population between 65 - 75 have mild hearing loss while 75% over age 75 are hearing impaired. What is the driver behind these numbers? The most common reason for hearing loss is long exposures to loud noises such as music or something as simple as a weed eater. This type of hearing damage is often referred to as noise-induced hearing loss or NIHL. Studies reveal that these long-time exposures may not have any affect until the aging the process begins. Therefore, what you are doing now to your ears can negatively impact your health in the future.