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No-Bs Manifesting Course Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-20)

The answer to this question will No-Bs Manifesting Course vary based on to whom this questions is address. A project manager will usually say a project has been successful if it the project has been completed within the agreed upon scope, time and cost and of course has delivered the required quality. Some might say a project is a success if the client is satisfied at the end of the project. Consider a scenario in which though the project met the scope, time and cost criteria but the underlying software architecture and design wasn't up to the mark, so when the product needs to be enhanced or goes in for maintenance there are a lot of issues. Would you call this project a success So you see the project might not be a success on all counts and there are different perspectives to defining project success. How do we define Project Success The definition of success will vary from project to project. To arrive at criterions for defining success for a project we first need to do " Stakeholder Analysis ". The major stakeholders and their perspectives which need to be covered for most of the projects are Business: Business Need that the project will fulfill. Project: Scope the project will deliver within the agreed upon time, cost and quality parameters. Individual / Group: Perspectives of people directly or indirectly connected or affected by the project. For example Community at large, End users etc. You need to take multiple perspectives into account and arrive at a consensus in defining the " Success Criteria", also known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Key Success Indicators (KSIs).