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Brainwave Shots Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-20)

While the above may seem Brainwave Shots an odd title for an article on success, it has nothing to do with legal approaches. Rather, "S.U.E." is an acronym for several powerful mindset strategies which will help you overcome most mental obstacles you have so that your thoughts can work for you instead of against you. Some credit should go to Dr. Martin Seligman, a psychologist. In his book "Learned Optimism" he showed how we can learn to be more optimistic, while some people think we're just born the way we are. It is how we explain events that influence how we will perform, whether in business or in our personal lives. Now here is where my acronym "S.U.E." comes into play. If you are criticized, or if you have a setback, or a customer hangs up in your ear, then there is a specific response you can make. You could say that was annoying that this person hung up in your ear but that's all, I've had a number of other successful experiences. The person who becomes demoralized by such events tells themselves that what just happened is general, in contrast to specific. If you think about setbacks more generally, that then becomes more demoralizing and depressing. You may become prone to avoiding other similar possible events based on the one. If you view the upsetting situation as unstable you are saying that it happens from time to time but it's not a regular part of your life. If your business call did not work out well, you could decide that this is annoying, frustrating, inconveniencing but doesn't always happen and that you often have successful calls. That's more of an unstable view which is what you want. A more stable view (and more upsetting), is if you tell yourself that everything bad happens to you, you are a bad businessperson, and nothing works for you.