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Combat Shooter System Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-18)

Simply having a survival Combat Shooter System kit will not ensure or guarantee your survival. Once understood, your risk of making unnecessary mistakes will go way down. The result will be fewer negative surprises. With that in mind, you'll put more efforts into your skills and knowledge. The benefit? If you caught without your kit, your survival kit will be in your head. Here are the 8 survival kit myths. My kit will always be with me This thinking is unrealistic. For instance, imagine being at work and your kit is at home. An earthquake hits and your gear is out of reach. The highways are clogged, and the bag is out of reach and of no use to you. EDC kit, keychain, carbag. The idea is to pack a smaller bag in your car. It doesn't have everything your normal bag has, but its good enough. An EDC is also know as an Every Day Carry bag. Its small enough to carry with you every day, in the trunk of your car. My survival kit will get me through the disaster The problem with this: but what if the disaster is 7 days? Its good to have a kit. But how long is your survival kit supposed to support you? 1 day? 3 days? 4 days? Or maybe just a few hours? How do you even figure out how long it will last? And how long is the aftermath of the disaster going to last? plan for 72 hours, and have a cache kit ready to take you beyond that first 3 days. The idea here is to pack something that's light and that will get you through the first hours. Then from there, it will get you to a second/backup kit. In a way, you could chain a bunch of these together. Of course, this all assumes that you are not able to get home. The gear in my kit is appropriate for my expected disasters