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Power Efficiency Guide Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-08)

Don't Work So Hard Instead of Power Efficiency Guide struggling to achieve 13 volts to charge your 12 volt battery bank, why not switch to a 6 volt battery bank? You'll have to achieve half the voltage to start charging. Even in low winds with an inefficient system, you could store substantial amounts of electricity. Just lean back and watch your system go to work for you. Wind generators are not complicated, and if you keep it simple... you won't have to work so hard. Many consumers are looking at ways to reduce their overall energy use and one of the most popular ideas is the use of wind power to create electricity. The advantage of wind is that is that is a free resource that seems to exist just about everywhere, and converting wind to electricity is a simple matter of pointing a windmill into the wind and letting it go to work. Or is it? There is a lot more to think about when it comes to harnessing the wind in an urban environment. The first major hurdle that a homeowner will face is whether or not installing a wind turbine is even allowed by local bylaws. There are plenty of regulations in most cities, particularly regarding construction and erecting structures on property. These days there is a greater leniency toward any projects involving alternate energy, however wind turbines are still regarded with suspicion by many people. The three biggest complaints about wind turbines are: They are Noisy They are Ugly They are Inefficient