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Provitazol Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-07)

Mess tips There is bound Provitazol to be some mess during period sex. While a couple may be just fine with that, there are steps partners can take to cut down on it. One obvious method is to place a towel down on the bed or surface beneath the partners. Another is to choose positions wisely. If a woman is on her back, there will likely be less outward blood flow. There will be even less mess if her legs are lifted in the air. STIs Some sexually transmitted infections are passed through blood, including hepatitis B and HIV. If a partner has a blood-borne infection, transmission is more likely when the woman is on her period. Both partners should be up-to-date on their STI testing before having sex in general, and particularly period sex. Lubrication Blood can serve as a source of natural lubrication, which both partners may enjoy. She may enjoy it more. Some women feel heightened arousal and vaginal sensitivity when they have their periods. This could translate to more enjoyable sex on their end. For women who are feeling self-conscious about having sex on their periods, communication is key. Many women are worried that their partners will be "grossed out" by the sight of the blood and/or by the smell of it. However, many men are not at all squeamish about such things. Knowing this can help a woman feel more comfortable with the activity.