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VitaKeratin Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-01)

There are some other alternative VitaKeratin treatments you can try to combat hair loss. Laser hair therapy has been a recent phenomenon, but that is an unproven technique, and some places charge an exorbitant amount for this treatment. Many are touting the benefits of herbal solutions to help stop hair loss and regrow hair, but no scientific data has as of yet has proven herbal products help fight against hair loss. A procedure that is proven to work but is very expensive is hair transplantation. This involves taking hair from an area where hair is growing actively and moving it where there is little or no hair growing. The negatives though are that it sometimes has to be done in phases, adding to the expense, and can be quite painful to experience. A new method that is still in development and holds a lot interest is using stem cell therapy to aid in hair restoration. This method is said to have a lot of potential, so many are curious to see how successful it will end up being. It may be tough to decide which hair loss option will be best for you because there are so many, but your best bet is to go with something that is proven to work and has great feedback. There are a few hair loss forums on the internet where customers discuss the various treatments and the results they are achieving with them. Also always consult your physician when considering a treatment to use.