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HGH Energizer Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-21)

Virtually all the fat in the animal HGH Energizer carcass is/was consumed by hunter gatherers. The mean carcass fat content of an animal can be determined by body size - the larger the animal the greater the dietary fat available both in relative and absolute terms. Since mammalian tissue is almost completely devoid of carbohydrates, and the protein content is constant, the energy density of the carcass is entirely dependent on the level of fat and can be worked out by following a simple equation. I'll save you the equation but an animal with 10% body fat would contain 51% of its energy as fat and 49% as protein. However, if only the lean muscle tissue was eaten (2-3% fat), then approximately 80% of the energy would be from protein, which would lead to protein toxicity.