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BOOST Milk Enhancer Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-20)

This lesson is almost BOOST Milk Enhancer unbearable to learn. It is humbling. Putting myself aside, and accepting that I am nothing-without Christ. Submitting to the Lord and asking Him to change my ways of thinking; to slow my responses; to stifle my anger, and fully admitting that I can not do it alone. Asking Him to show my daughter my heart and my intentions; to shield her ears and her delicate heart from the harshness of my yelling voice; to reveal to her that only with Jesus' example of love, and earnest prayer and reflection can we be better to each other. There will be days I am tired, days I am sick, days I am selfish, days I am lazy - the list goes on. These days I will drown in guilt knowing that I should have done better for my daughter. These days I will remember that with guilt, comes repentance and with that, redemption.