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Zen12 Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-15)

Dream - Take some time to dream about what Zen12 you want in your life and always dream big. In fact dream bigger than you think possible. Dreams help you to stretch the boundaries of the present to make room for luck (the results of hard work), serendipity, and even a miracle or two. One way to dream is to create a vision board. There is something powerful about creating a collage of photos and words about what you want in your life and looking at it several times a day to keep you on track. Vision boards are a great aid to assist you with the Law of Attraction. There are many books written about this law. The basic idea is that you pull into your environment what you are attracted to and concentrating on. So, by choosing pictures and words that create a positive, passionate response from you, you will begin to pull things in that will help you to realize your dream. Vision boards are easy to make. You can use corkboards, foam boards, or a simple piece of paper with photos, words, and quotes cut and glued to them. There are also lots of electronic vision boards online you can download. Simply type in the words "vision board" into Google, or Bing, or whatever search engine you use and you will find many choices. In the past, I have always preferred paper vision boards to electronic ones. I liked something that I could hold onto and fold up and take with me. Recently though, I found an electronic one that I really liked on the Oprah website Community page. It was very easy to create. When I finished I could share it on my Facebook account, my Twitter account, and with my personal email account. I could also export it to my computer where I chose it for my screensaver and printed a copy to carry around too. Choosing my vision board as my screensaver allows me to view it every time I open my computer.