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Amazology Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-15)

My third tip is to stop Amazology that morning feeling of 'oh no' This morning feeling often comes as a result of itching during the night. There are two ways of stopping this from happening. The first is to cover your fingernails with plasters or strap up the eczema areas with plasters. This will stop any itching during the night but its a lot of hassle. The other possibility is to shorten the finger nails so that they can't cause much damage. Eczema is a serious condition and as a previous sufferer I know how hard it can be. Make sure that you pat the skin dry after a warm bath. This will help keep the moisture in your skin. I would advise to stay away from steroid creams where possible as this may only end up bleaching the skin. Eczema is often an allergy. This means certain things perhaps dust or even your cat may trigger your eczema to flare up. It is important to keep track of when this happens and to try and note when it flares up and if any thing around has set it off. If you can work out what flares your eczema then you can work out much easier how you can avoid getting a flare up.