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Curafen Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-14)

The science of the importance of Curafen alkalinity in the body is largely the work of Dr. Robert Young. Like many leaders who have flown in the face of opposition to the norm, let alone the standard medical model, his work and life are a study in contrast. On the one hand he has millions of testimonials of people who were ravaged by all kinds of diseases or obesity and were able to come back to health because they switched their diet. On the other hand he has to fight lawsuits and his work has been disregarded because it travels down a different logic than normal medical practice which sees the body like a machine that needs to be fixed. My attitude has always been, "who cares about the politics, does it work?" And the answer here for me was that as soon as I brought my pH into the proper range the weight just fell off my body. Clearly I was happier as well when I stopped hurting. What foods metabolize as alkaline? Basically anything green. There are charts you can download from the internet. We found that everything had a good alkaline replacement - so pasta could be spelt pasta - the same with crackers. We pretty much gave up bread although there are some interesting ones made with spelt, quinoa, and soy flours - all of which are mildly alkaline.