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Apex Mastermind Brain Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-12)

The way you eat - the diet Apx Mastermind Brain our ancient ancestors had is perfect for our brains, and also helps our hearts too. It makes sense when you think about it as the human body evolves steadily but slowly to be the best 'machine' for dealing with the environment surrounding it. Thus the 'stone age' diet simultaneously shaped the evolving brain at that time and also set the parameters for what the brain needed and could tolerate. Life for a human being was very different then but remained like that for many many hundreds of years until the start of large scale agriculture became the norm. Since then life has rapidly changed within a very short time span. Our bodies and brains are lagging way behind our current lifestyle. So in order to help our bodies get back to basics and thrive again we need to give them a much higher proportion of 'stone age' food and a lot less fast Generation Y food. What is the Stone Age Diet Wild game, wild fish, wild greens, fruits, berries and roots! By now our bodies have been bombarded with the newer foods such as refined grains, sugar and dairy products - not to mention alcohol and separated fats. Ooops! Doesn't look easy for our brains to thrive on such different food. Especially when you realize that 83% of our food is 'new' food and 17% old. The ancient ancestors used to eat three times as many fruits and vegetables than we do and ten times as much fiber! The biggest critical difference has been the change in the type of oils we eat. We need Omega 3 and omega 6 - but we need to have them in a roughly equal proportion. In fact what we eat is 20 times more omega 6 than omega 3. Our brain cells just cannot function well with this regime and they shut down or malfunction badly in this situation. Omega 3 oils come from wild meat, oily fish and some vegetables. Omega 6 oils come from corn oil, margarine and baked goods. So... make these changes in your diet and take good care of your brain. It has to last you a lifetime and it will if you understand what it needs.