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Pianoforall Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-09)

A lot of people enjoy listening Pianoforall to ukuleles because of its simple, light and relaxing sound. You can just imagine yourself in Hawaii, sitting on the beach with a pinacolada in hand, while a Hawaiian musician strums different ukelele chords with beautiful Hawaiian ladies dancing the hula on the other side. That is some relaxing music. When it comes to writing songs, I have found most artists, producers and beatmakers struggle with lyrics. Since you are reading this article I will assume you are looking to become a better lyric writer. I'm going to give you a couple of tips you have probably never thought about. I think most artists don't understand that to write better lyrics they need to expand their vocabulary. Most people, in general, get their vocabulary from family and friends. Most young people get their vocabulary from family, friends, television shows and the latest music craze (video and radio). This is not necessarily a bad thing but, it is very limiting. A limited vocabulary will limit your lyric writing. In school, the way we learned how to write sentences was to read sentences. Once we read the sentences we would then emulate what we saw. Many of us listen to songs and we sing the lyrics, but we never take the time to read the lyrics so our writing suffers. One of the best ways to improve your lyric writing is to read song lyrics. Google the lyrics to your favorite songs, and not so favorite songs and read them. Read the lyrics without the music and then read them with the song playing. You will get a new appreciation for lyric writing, because it is truly an art form.