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Explode My Payday Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-08)

Many of the affiliate marketing Explode My Payday programs out there today are being managed by affiliate networks. These affiliate networks are composed of various merchants and affiliates. Each having their own function when it comes to affiliate marketing. An affiliate network acts as a third-party between the merchant and the associated affiliates of the merchant. Essentially the network provides the technology to deliver the merchants campaigns and offers to the various affiliates and keep track of sales and statistics for both parties. Also, an affiliate network will collect the commission fees from the merchant and then pay the affiliates who have earned said commissions. The benefits of being an affiliate marketer are many. The affiliate is a website owner that markets and promotes one or more merchants and their products via the affiliate program. Affiliate marketing can quite possibly provide a full-time income for the affiliate. And although much of the marketing surrounding affiliate marketing would indicate that this is not only possible but rather easy; simply isn't true. Just like any business it takes hard work and persistence to be truly successful. Affiliate marketing can be a great situation for someone wanting to start up their own business and work from home. The level of success defined is a personal thing and certainly affiliate marketing offers all levels of success.