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NooCube Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-05)

In a very real sense the argument NooCube to medicate or not is a bankrupt argument because the sad fact is that 85% of all unmedicated ADD sufferers become alcohol or drug abusers or addicts. During the regrettable, but natural drug and alcohol experimentation stage all adolescents go through, those with ADD realize that some chemicals help their condition in the short-term. However, they seriously hurt the condition in the long-term. Hallucinogens such as marijuana and tranquilizers like alcohol block the chaos in the brain of someone with ADD. Nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, and methamphetamines help them focus and calm down because stimulants have a paradoxical effect on someone with ADD. The argument that most people make about the stimulants is that the medical community is trying to drug their kids by getting them jacked up on stimulants or that they are going to turn them into zombies. Luckily these arguments don't hold water because amphetamines react differently with someone with ADD. Someone without ADD will become stimulated and tend to become addicted, but someone with ADD will generally calm down and become focused. When they appear as zombies or sedated it means that they are either on the wrong dose or need a different medication. The problem is usually bad medication management rather than bad medicine.