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Living Green Supremefood Energy Booster Review

by Selva Raj (2019-02-05)

Energy comes from the way our body burns nutrients such as the fat,Living Green Supremefood Energy Booster protein and carbohydrates we take in. Your body creates energy from the food you eat. Your metabolism controls the rate in which you burn food, or fuel, and turn it into energy. In order to maintain energy levels your body must metabolize the food you eat and create that energy. If you eat too much, that food is stored for future use as fat. In order to lose weight and increase energy, it is best to allow your body to metabolize what you eat rather than store it as fat unless of course you are under weight.Sugar provides us with quick energy, but that energy is short lived. Protein is metabolized slower and gives you a stable, longer lasting energy. Like proteins, vegetables, nuts, and seeds provide a good fat when metabolized that has a longer energy effect than sugar.If you are often fatigued, a few simple changes to your diet may make all the difference. Avoiding sugary foods is always advised. Aside from a poor way to energize, sugary foods are generally empty calories that contain no real nutritional value. Which means you are getting the extra calories, but no actual benefit to your body. As you probably know, eating these types of foods often can actually have an adverse effect. Eat foods that are higher in protein, good fats and good carbohydrates to achieve the maximum benefit.When you think of food, try to think of food as fuel. It is OK to enjoy what you eat, but try to make eating about more than just pleasure. If food is always an activity, the chances of you eating the wrong foods at every meal are high. Save the splurges for special occasions.