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Success System Revealed Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-04)

Organization is crucial for a Success System Revealed successful academic term. More often than not, frazzled notes represent frazzled thoughts. Even if your notes are currently messy, hard to read, or all over the place, start by re-writing or retyping them in a clean space. Not only will this help you to organize, but it will also help you remember what you've written down by writing it all over again. Throw out the papers and garbage sitting at the bottom of your bag. Buy yourself a new set of nice, black pens and don't lose them this time! Make 2011 your most organized year yet. Many people find that throughout an academic term, their level of organization declines with each passing day. They start with all new materials to set off on the right foot, but as the days go on, more and more crumpled papers accumulate in their school bags, they run out of pens and pencils, and things simply fall out of place. One way to approach this problem is to think about all the spaces outside of your academic world, like your room, your car, or your closet: are they clean? Sometimes, starting by tidying up these spaces not only provides us with a feeling of relief and organization, but it can also inspire us to want to keep things clean as time goes on.