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The All Weather King Review

by Selva Raj (2019-02-04)

The harsh reality is that the horse racing industry The All Weather King flourishes on the backs of punters. Punters put their hard earned money on the line everyday; into a system which is designed to take that money away from them. There are many such systems out there that are structured against those participating.Have you ever put a dollar into a slot-machine? I bet you have (pun intended), and the reality is that the machine is fixed to only return approximately 80 cents back to you - and that would be a good machine! So you win your 80 cents back, put it back in, and this time it's going to return 64 cents. You cannot win in the long term against such a system; it will take its cut straight out of your pocket.Bookmakers and TABs all pay the racing industry commissions from the money they make from punters. And they make sure that they make that money, when they frame a market. On average the TAB will make 17% profit on a race, so when you hear someone saying "I took money off the bookies today", they're wrong. The bookies don't lose in the long run. Sure they might make a mistake and badly frame a market but they aren't in the business for charity, the money won by others is the money left over after the bookie takes a cut.Anyone espousing an easy win is lying to you. It takes years of research, dedication, hard work and most likely a financial loss of some sort. Take a look at the people sitting around the TAB, staring at screens and putting on frenzied bets with a few seconds left to go. There's very little structure, thought, or research put into it, and the occasional win hooks them in further, mistakenly thinking that they are on the right path.