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Marine Muscle Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-01)

One of my clients is a young man Marine Muscle called Jake, he's only been weight lifting for a couple of months but the guy is naturally very lazy, he's seen some average results but I keep telling him he has to work harder! He seemed like a pretty ideal candidate for Nitric Pure so I decided to let him try it for a few weeks. Here is how I planned to do this; I was going to get Jake to work out 3 times a week doing full body workouts each time. His workouts were only going to last between half an hour and forty five minutes, so no long at all, but I made sure they were intense. An hour before each workout I told Jake to take Nitric Pure. The first three workouts we did were very intense, I was keeping rests between sets to a minimum (30 seconds to a minute maximum) and Jake was managing to keep up with it no problem. He told me he felt a lot more energised for his workouts and that he felt like there was a lot more blood flow going to his muscles. I noticed he was able to out lift his previous weights that he used, so far, so good.