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Hypnosis Bootcamp Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-01-29)

The ultimate failure is to Hypnosis Bootcamp live all of your life for the things which God created for you, while refusing to live for the One Who created the things you desire. God created everything that is in this universe, everything that exists. His purpose and intent on making man was so that we may have and enjoy communion with Him, and serve as His under-rulers in the earth. God did not make us for things. He created things for us. So His displeasure is justified when all of our time is spent pursuing things which perish with the using, while denying the Very One Who made us for Himself. It must break His Heart when we only recognize our need for Him when we are in trouble. Then, we cry out to Him. And, thank God, He is a very present help to those of us who call. But fellowship with Him should be so much more.