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The Quit Smoking Protocol Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-01-21)

Is today the day you will The Quit Smoking Protocol quit smoking? There are many reasons to quit smoking today. People all over the world want to quit but find the addiction to nicotine so strong they fall back into the habit quickly. It takes a strong will to quit on your own cold turkey. That's the way I did it but, it was a challenge to control my mind and body throughout the process of nicotine withdrawal. The good news is that quitting smoking cold turkey can be done. I'm living proof. I will never go back and I feel much better health wise. For me, smoking was just not worth the price. The day I choose to quit, I made an unbreakable commitment to myself and I stuck to it. My thinking was based on the idea: If other people can quit cigarettes, I can quit too. My own psychological nature really helped me once I made the commitment to quit smoking.