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Thermo Burn Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-01-17)

Meisel recommends starting Thermo Burn with a sleep tracker such as Sleep Cycle or Basis Watch to help you learn your sleep cycle. This refers to the time that it takes you to go from light sleep to deep sleep and then into REM sleep before you cycle back to light sleep again. Tech resources like can help you figure out when you need to go to bed in order to wake up during the light sleep phases so you feel refreshed. The Exercise Component - The goal of exercise should be to achieve optimal fitness. What that means is different for each person. It should be composed of different types of exercise including strength or skill training in addition to high intensity interval training. Interval training has been shown to boost weight loss, a big plus for women over 40. It also aids in joint mobility, making it easier to move as you move into old age.