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Why you should NEVER use bleach to clean your toilet

by Mitch Mcclanahan (2020-04-19)

A mother has divided the internet after claiming bleach should never be used to clean toilets - and professional plumbers agree with her. If you liked this article and you would certainly like to obtain even more info relating to Serving Burleson kindly check out the webpage.   

The mum said a salesperson had told her to avoid using the chemical product to clean her loo because it damages the bowl. 

'I've just bought a new toilet seat and I happened to mention that I clean my toilet with bleach... the lady said it destroys the porcelain,' the woman wrote on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page.  

An expert has divided the internet after they advised a mother to avoid using bleach to clean her toilet because it 'destroys the porcelain' (stock image)