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A woman who caught coronavirus has spent her time in isolation setting up a service to help other COVID-19 victims

by Kiara Krieger (2020-04-16)

A woman who caught coronavirus has spent her time in isolation setting up a service to help other COVID-19 victims.

Gold Coast woman Tara O'Kane, 성인웹툰 24, was holidaying in Peru last month with her mother Caryn, 56, when the South American nation announced it was shutting its borders.

The pair quickly embarked on a 70-hour journey home through six countries, with Ms O'Kane picking up the illness somewhere along the way.    

After being diagnosed at Robina hospital and sent into home quarantine for two weeks in Mermaid Beach, Ms O'Kane became inspired to assist people in her situation during the pandemic crisis.   

Tara O'Kane (pictured), 24, has become the Australian co-founder of a free delivery service for in

Now, she is the co-founder of Shopping Angels Australia - a free delivery service for individuals at risk of contracting COVID-19 or those in self-isolation.  

The service allows those aged over 60, in self-isolation, or with compromised immunity to order groceries or medical supplies from retailers that are picked up and dropped to their home by volunteers.

'I had seen the US version advertised, so when I knew I had some time on my hands I reached out to Jayde Powell from the US branch,' Ms O'Kane told the Gold Coast Bulletin. 





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To sign up to the community program, clients fill out a form online with their contact details.

Shopping Angels Australia call them to discuss their needs and assign them an 'angel' then they can start receiving services.

Ms O'Kane is operating the charity with fellow Gold Coast woman, Julian Gorvin, who was also assigned as a co-founder after reaching out to Ms Powell.  

The associates are yet to meet face-to face, but have been busy recruiting volunteers online since Tuesday when Ms O'Kane's isolation ended.

While she said the testing process is uncomfortable, Ms O'Kane, who showed minimal symptoms, urged anyone who suspects they have COVID-19 to get checked.  

'I've been very lucky and only had a mild case of coronavirus. I only had a sore throat,' she said.

'But I recommend getting tested if you fit the criteria, even if you're worried about the test think about how you may hurt someone in the community if you don't get tested.' 

Shopping Angels Australia is a service that offers home delivery of supplies to those isolating at home

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