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Family face £150k bill after downpour floods home with raw sewage

by Melina Haire (2020-04-09)

A family is facing a £150,000 bill after a sudden downpour flooded their home with  raw sewage as they blame the damage on builders' 'poor workmanship'.

Michael Owen, 45 and Ashmar Owen, 51, from Droitwich, say they were left heartbroken when a sudden downpour left their toilet spewing the disgusting mess - which proceeded to flood their kitchen, utility room, living room and brand new side extension.

The parents-of-two claim the issue - leaving them having to disconnect a sewage pipe every time there's heavy rain - began when builders were working on a £105,000 two-storey extension.

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The family (left) were heartbroken by the damage caused when raw sewage (right) flooded their Droitwich home 

Pictured: The living room at the property, which was flooded by raw sewage leaving the family blaming builders' workmanship 

The extension on the property in Droitwich (pictured) was wrecked when sewage burst through the home from the toilet 

Michael, an engineer, said: 'We'd built the extension for my mother to live with us - she was lonely and we wanted our family all together.

'But I heard her shouting for me and rushed downstairs to see a torrent of raw sewerage flooding out of the downstairs toilet and spreading everywhere.