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Linux Training Tips - Boot Linux from a Linux Installation CD or a Linux Live CD to Learn Linux

by Merissa Colvin (2020-04-07)

You can run commonly used Linux software programs and also work at the Linux command line and learn how to use Linux commands - the way the real pros do Linux system administration. 2 Reasons to Boot Linux from CD / DVD So You Can Get Linux Training1.
Boot Linux from a Linux installation CD / DVD. In this case, you need to boot from a Linux CD / DVD and run the Linux installation routine to install the Linux OS (operating system) on the hard disk in your computer system. When you install Linux, the Linux OS and thousands of Linux software programs are installed on your hard disk permanently (until you decide to remove Linux or upgrade Linux).

After installing Linux, you boot Linux from the hard disk in your system. You don't need to boot Linux from a CD or DVD in your CD / DVD drive. Linux Tips: There may be more than one Linux CD / DVD required for a Linux installation. If so, always use CD 1 (or DVD 1) to boot Linux and run the Linux installation routine.
2. Boot Linux from a Linux live CD / DVDYou boot Linux from a Linux "live" CD / DVD to run a "live" version of Linux. When you boot and run a Linux live CD / DVD, the complete Linux OS (including Linux software programs and a Linux desktop) runs from a single Linux live CD / DVD.

This is a very fast, easy, and fun way to run Linux. Linux Tips: If you have a DVD drive, rather than a CD drive, and want to buy a Linux live CD / DVD, buy the Linux live DVD instead of a live CD. A Linux live DVD holds about six times as much as a Linux live CD and you will usually get lots more Linux software programs on the live DVD version, as opposed to the live CD version. Linux Tips: To get a Linux live DVD, look around the Internet a bit to see if there is a DVD version for the Linux distribution (version) you want.

If you can find the Linux live DVD for the Linux distro you want, pay the small difference in price to get the live DVD rather than live CD. When you boot a Linux live CD / DVD, the Linux live distribution on the CD / DVD runs temporarily, until the power is turned off.
To start Linux from a Linux live CD / DVD, you must always have the Linux live CD / DVD in the drive. Linux is not installed on the hard disk and so you do not boot from the hard disk. Once you get Linux running, you can get easy Linux training by using Linux video tutorials.

With this Linux training method, you can watch Linux in action, such as seeing how to use a Linux command, then pause the video tutorial and try the Linux command yourself!