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Amazon bans UK sellers from stocking and shipping non-essential items

by Linwood Forand (2020-04-07)

Amazon has suspended retailers from stocking non-essential items in its UK warehouses to make room for urgent supplies needed during the coronavirus crisis.

The e-commerce giant has been snowed under with orders of toilet rolls, wipes, tinned food and other vital goods from Britons bracing for self-isolation.

The spike in packages has threatened to overwhelm their 13 warehouses, prompting the decision to ban third-party sellers and vendors from stocking non-essential items until April 5.

Amazon has also included its own first-party products in the temporary ban.

Merchants send products to Amazon to store in their warehouses until a shopper buys it. Amazon then packages the item and dispatches it to the customer. 

These outlets can still sell phones, toys, bread makers, and other non-essentials on the website, but they will have to organise delivery themselves.  

Items already in their warehouses - and those en route - will still be delivered, meaning consumers awaiting an order should still receive it providing it is already stocked.

But third-party retailers, which sell 60 per cent of all products on the platform, have warned that a lack of their own personal storage space will likely see a fall in stock over the coming weeks. 

The new measures, 성인웹툰 which also apply in the United States, came as Amazon employees were asked to work overtime to keep up with panic-buying deliveries. 

In a statement, the Seattle-based website said: 'We are seeing increased online shopping and as a result some products such as household staples and medical supplies are out of stock.

Amazon will stop stocking and shipping all non-medical and non-essential supplies from its warehouses until April 5 in efforts to prioritise goods needed during the coronavirus pandemic (Tilbury warehouse pictured)

The e-commerce giant announced the new measures to prioritize goods including groceries, medical supplies and baby food on Tuesday