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5 Reasons to Choose India for eLearning Outsourcing

by Adell Fluharty (2020-04-06)

Technology has pretty much made it clear by now that the 21st century belongs to the world of internet and electronic gadgets. All walks of life are changing/adapting themselves to the exponential growth of technology and education is no exception to this. Within a few years, the eLearning industry has grown from a mole to a mountain and shows no signs of slowing down. Students are opting for online courses over Middle East University degrees, and business corporations have already deserted their old methods of instruction and training to encourage flexible, online courses. With immense growth, the dependency on outsourcing services has also increased rapidly in this game-changing industry. Read on to know why you should assign your eLearning, outsourcing to India over other countries like the Philippines and China.

India is undoubtedly the hub of the servicing industry as 65% of the global offshore BPO market lies in this emerging economy. To support this fact, we also know that almost half of the Fortune 500 companies outsource their ICT requirements to India and this includes 80% of the US and European companies. Servicing industry is radically influencing the economic growth of the nation and has been the biggest contributor to its GDP in 2015, roughly 53%. Like every other servicing vertical, eLearning outsourcing in India is consistently growing and this article justifies the same with 5 solid, fact-filled reasons. Read on to know.

One of the strongest reasons to choose India for eLearning outsourcing is the competitive pricing the market offers. High-quality outsourcing solutions are offered at the lowest prices, owing to the wide wage gap that exists in India and the rest of the IT markets.

It is not just the cost effectiveness, but also the high-quality of the service that makes India a preferred destination. A great number of consultants and engineers who are skilled, creative and highly educated are available.

Constant supply of human resource, great number of eLearning companies and quick turnaround time are few other reasons to prefer India for eLearning outsourcing. Almost 3 million professionals are added to the Indian servicing industry every year and the sector itself has a YOY growth of 25%.

India is the largest English speaking country in the world, thus eliminating all language barriers one might encounter. In addition, India offers the quickest time-to-market owing to the time zone differences it has with the western countries. This time zone difference ensures there is 24x7 customer support and help desk service. These are enough reasons to prefer India for eLearning outsourcing.

No other Indian government has been this pro-IT. Correspondingly, the government has made major changes to its economic policies, FDI reforms, taxation, infrastructure and connectivity making IT as the country's priority. Consequently, eLearning comes under the ambitious 'Make in India' and 'Digital India' programs of the government, making eLearning outsourcing in India the most preferable.

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