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How long will my toilet paper supply last? This handy calculator will tell you

by Romaine Gosling (2020-04-01)

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Toilet paper is now on everyone's mind, thanks to coronavirus quarantines.

Alina Bradford/CNET

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With store shelves and online retailers currently running low on toilet paper (or out of it completely) due to panic shopping and supply hoarders, people might be wondering how long their stash of TP will last. 

Thankfully, the online Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator is here to help us all gauge and 쇼핑 ration our supply. Just tell the calculator how many rolls you have and how many toilet visits you make per day, and it determines how many days worth of toilet paper you'll have during the coronavirus pandemic. 

To help you even more accurately determine how many days of TP you have left, there are advanced options -- you can, for example, reveal the average number of wipes per bathroom trip, sheets per wipe, sheets per roll, number of people in your household and days of quarantine. 

I have 25 rolls and take about four trips to the bathroom a day, so on average I have 100 days worth of toilet paper. But if you have roommates, or intestinal issues, or maybe you just like to use a lot of sheets, that might have an impact on your supply.

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Not every location has to worry about toilet paper shortages. In the Netherlands, people don't have to be concerned about running out of it, the country's prime minister, Mark Rutte, said Thursday. Rutte noted that it's already appearing on store shelves again after people were panic-buying the essential bathroom product last week.

There are also alternatives to toilet paper like making your own bidet. But whatever you do, just don't call the police if you run out of toilet paper. They can't help you.